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At TriSmith Construction, we work with your family to provide the best customer service possible! This includes determining the best time frame for your project to begin.

Where do We Start?

Initial planning begins with a consultation with TriSmith Construction's General Contractor and Project Manager, where clients are able to detail their wants and desires regarding the project. During this consultation the overall scope of the project, details regarding budgets, finishes, unique features and time frames are discussed. For projects that do not require an architect to develop a plan prior to construction, information from the consultation will be used to develop a budget proposal that captures your vision, within your budget and aimed to keep the project moving according to schedule by making all design decisions prior to beginning the project.




















From Your Vision to a Buildable Design.....


Moving forward with your project, we start with the design process, the excitement begins! Some projects require a design plan prior to beginning construction. If you don't already have a plan, the next step is to contact one of our preferred designers or an outside architect of your choice. Some clients choose to modify one of our exclusive TriSmith home plans and make simple changes. This provides for a quick turn-around with engineered plans ready for permitting within 2-4 weeks. However, when starting from scratch, there can be several drafts before the plan is finalized, and this can sometimes take 1 -2 months. Whatever you decide regarding the design work, you can be assured the TriSmith Construction staff will be there to assist you every step of the way to assure that the design is feasible with lot constraints, zoning requirements, and the overall budget and your vision


So We Have a Design On Paper..... Planning Begins


After the project design and engineering are complete, planning can begin in earnest. During this phase you make finish selections in keeping with budget allowances that will make the final product uniquely yours. TriSmith staff uses this time to satisfy environmental services requirements which generally include, but are not limited to erosion control, wells and septic systems and storm-water mitigation planning. For new home construction, the lot plan is developed, and how the home will sit on the property is finalized. With all these details now accounted for, we are finally at a point where a fixed rate contract can be developed. After finalizing your project plans and you have contracts in hand, you can move forward regarding the lending/mortgage process. We have several lenders we recommend, but if you are already working with a lender, we are happy to satisfy any builder qualification process that is required.


Signatures and Closing..... Building Begins!


With building permitting completed, HOA reviews satisfied (if needed), and project financing determined, we are ready to get the project started! At this point we have developed applicable finish selections, materials to be used, and included products and fixtures..... so it will be up to you to make those selections when the schedule dictates. Obviously we are at a crucial point in the project, since we are likely moving dirt, building foundations and erecting framing..... Things begin to happen very quickly! This is the time where a builder's organization skills, disciplined scheduling, and documenting selections can be the difference between a fun and exciting time..... OR a rushed, stressful process that you just want to end! Luckily, we have a process utilizing "BuilderTrend" that allows you to be as involved as you wish. This is a very 'user-friendly,' comprehensive, computer program that records construction progress, schedules, allowances, change orders, etc. This way, we are all on the same page with record keeping, which keeps the customer informed with documented selections, running totals on costs, and deadlines for selections to be made.

After construction has commenced, daily supervision along with general quality control practices become paramount.... and as always, we will be ready to address any questions or concerns you have along the way. Your satisfaction, trust and enjoyment throughout the process is of the utmost importance to the TriSmith family. Ultimately your family's happiness, once the project is complete, is how we measure our success.

So get in touch with Us,

And we can get started making your vision a reality.


Some Questions We will want to Address:

  1. Do you have land to build on? If not, where are you hoping to acquire land?

  2. If you need to find land, we have the ability to help you find one with our real estate resources

  3. What type of home do you want to build? Features?

  4. Is it feasible to build what you want on your lot? 

  5. What is your budget?

  6. What types of materials do you want to use in the construction?

  7. How will you fund the project? If you are acquiring a loan, do you have a lender?

  8. Review lot setbacks and coverage.

  9. Discuss Planning, Permitting and Construction Timeline

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