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TriSmith Construction 

is a fully licensed and operated business specializing in Custom Home Building, Renovations and Remodeling, Home Additions, and Commercial Construction. Our management team draws on over 75 years of combined experience in the building industry, and we bring this experience to bear on every one of our projects. This management expertise combined with our knowledgeable, dedicated construction team and top-quality subcontractors enables us to deliver work of unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship 


TriSmith Construction's prime focus is the client. We are a Team of Professionals that strive to deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction by guiding clients through every stage of the process, providing fully transparent communication, and incorporating their input throughout the project. At TriSmith, we believe that staying completely accessible to our customers ensures that they receive exactly what they envisioned.



Team Of Professionals

  • General Contractors/Builders

  • Project Managers

  • Supervisors

  • Subcontractors

  • Team of Administrators

  • Design Experts/Architects

  • Financial Experts

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Whether you hire us for a Kitchen and/or Bathroom Remodel, a Brand New Deck, or for a fully Custom Home Build, we know our outstanding construction TEAM will deliver the highest-quality results, and make your project a SUCCESS! 

Meet the Team of Experts that Manage your project and make it a success!

General Contractor/Builders know all the essentials for building your project, from the beginning of creation & design, formulating a budget, thru to completion of the project. They create the platform for the other team members to learn and monitor your project. They follow the entire project and oversee all phases of construction, and are always a point of contact for our customers.

Project Managers do just that, they manage your project. It begins with learning the platform of your project that has been layed out by the General Contractor. He lists out all the tasks and creates a timeline for your project. He is then responsible for scheduling, planning, etc., according to your project's timeline. All the while keeping your project organized and ensuring that you stay within your desired budget. The Project Managers visit the construction sites daily to certify progress regarding your project.

Supervisors are on the jobsite, and responsible for open communication with our subcontractors. They know the specifics that need to be done on the worksite, and supervise our framers, masons, installers, etc., to ensure that work is being done accurately and safely. 

Subcontractors are the guys performing the work according to contracts, blueprints, direction from the Supervisor and/or Project Manager. They are loyal, hardworking crews that have been with TriSmith Construction for a long time, and produce quality work. Each subcontractor possesses extensive knowledge and experience in their field.


Team of Administrators are the 'behind the scenes' staff that oversee your project. They are responsible for keeping up with scheduling, planning and organizing your project. They keep the project manager and contractor up-to-date with schedules of 'who's where' and documented work progress.


Design Experts/Architects will help you create the perfect project that you envision. TriSmith can highly recommend a design staff if you are searching, and they have always produced 100% customer satisfaction. 

Financial Experts can give you financial options regarding your project. Again, TriSmith can highly recommend institutions which have produced 100% customer satisfaction.

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