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In addition to Residential Services, TriSmith Construction has a substantial background in Commercial Construction.










Being that TriSmith's developers started their career years ago in commercial development, we understand the full operations behind achieving a successful construction project from start to finish. 

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Our Commercial Projects Include

  • Small Business Upfits

  • Engineered Metal Buildings

  • Interior Renovations/Additions

  • Outdoor Additions


There are many benefits that engineered steel buildings have over traditional wood-framed structures. They are made of metals that are easy to recycle, they can generally be constructed in almost half the time, and are often less expensive overall than their wood-framed counterparts, especially for larger buildings.

Engineered steel buildings erected by TriSmith Construction are galvanized for corrosion resistance and come with a 40-year paint warranty. They are built with stainless steel fasteners and steel I-beams for strength and durability. These buildings are also easily expandable, which means that their design makes it very simple to add more space to your existing steel building in the future.


Engineered Steel Buildings are Perfect for a Variety of Structures

  • Barns, Stables, Covered Riding Rings, and Other Agricultural Structures

  • Strip Malls, Office Buildings, and Retail Spaces

  • Gas Stations

  • Aviation Hangars

  • Garages and Mechanics’ Shops

  • Churches and Other Worship Facilities

  • Sheds, Storage Facilities, and Warehouses

  • Restaurants and Bars

  • Residential Workshops, Garages, and Carports

  • Gymnasiums

  • Fire Departments and Police Stations


As with all of TriSmith Construction’s projects, you will benefit from our close attention to customer satisfaction and our vast experience in the industry. We will be sure to provide fully-transparent communication and help guide you through every stage of the project. Our aim is to deliver exactly what you envision, so we will always consider your input and address your feedback. We believe that our attention to detail and passion for customer satisfaction sets us apart from all other contractors out there.

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