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Energy Saving Features

All of the custom homes built by TriSmith Construction are certified with Energy Star as high-quality efficient residences. We insist on achieving Energy Star status with each of our builds not only to minimize future impact to the environment, but also because we are committed to minimizing your future utility costs.

To attain an Energy Star certification, we include a full range of energy-saving features including:











  • Tight Construction, Including Proper Seals Around all Doors, Windows, and Ductwork

  • Vinyl Low-E Windows and High-Performance Doors

  • Energy Star Certified, 15 SEER, Self-Balancing HVAC Systems

  • Energy Efficient Lighting, Fans, and Appliances

  • Optimized Plumbing for Efficient Water Use

  • High-Density Insulation

  • Climate-Appropriate Landscaping and Vegetation to Minimize Water Use and to Aid in the Insulation of Your Home

  • Sealed Crawlspaces

  • Radiant Shields on Roof Decking

  • LED Lighting Options

  • Digital Programmable Thermostats

  • Commercial-Grade Ductwork with Specialized Sealing Techniques

  • Instantaneous or Tankless Water Heater Options



In addition to lowering your monthly utility bills, having an Energy Star certified home can also qualify you for special discounts through your utility providers as well as qualifying you for “energy efficient mortgages.” At TriSmith Construction, we believe that it truly pays to build homes the right way, both in being better stewards of our environment and also by saving our clients money in the long run.

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